Monday, September 22, 2014

FULL VIEW if tumblr is being a butt
what if bill tried to conjure his own physical body but could only manage this size
he really only likes grape because the fruit on the box is shaped like a triangle
Monday, September 22, 2014


Man, I remember during high school I spent so much time complaining about deviantart content, how so many people were making super beginner ms paint drawings of poorly anime eyed zim characters and what not. I wasted so much time fuming about that junk, and it’s so embarrassing to think back on, because really, I’m glad there’s a space like deviantArt and tumblr for amateur and beginning artists to post their material.
In this day and age where everything online is so connected and viral, there’s fewer and fewer spaces available for people to just be NEW at something. People need a place where they can be bad, make mistakes, grow as an artist and then years later look back and go “yeesh, glad no one saw that.”
Because lord knows, in the ten years I’ve been on the internet posting drawings and whatnot, I would have never survived the kind of scorn and mockery some of the “anti-bad art” trolls I was admiring were dealing out. I’m so glad I was never discouraged enough to the point of being afraid to post drawings online, and it honestly breaks my heart to think of how many young kids have been shooed offline by older people mocking and insulting them relentlessly.

I’m glad I outgrew that immature mindset. I may toss around lots of complaints now and then about my time in college, but these last few years really have been super beneficial for me with regards to maturing towards being more of a decent human being.

Post your creations. Make connections with people. Find positive communities. Don’t be afraid of screwing up, because you WILL screw up. It’s how you learn to adapt from your mistakes that helps you get better.

Monday, September 22, 2014
Anonymous asked:
Can't we say though that a lot of women costumes are ridiculous though? I mean yeah you can get the guys costume but it could end up being baggy or too big. And making your own costume is cool but not everyone has the time or talent. I get where you guys were coming from but there never seems to be a non-sexy form of a male costumes (or there is and I haven't looked hard enough)



You haven’t looked hard enough, anon. 

All from the same website
Here is a section for tv/movie female character costumes.
Notice anything? Most of them are not skimpy, they are pretty damn accurate to what they are portraying. 
Yes, go into Classics section and you find sexy outfits… but you also find panted ones. 

OKAY. Let’s use another website for reference, eh? 
Also use the term “halloween costumes” as my search, and I’ll click the first link that comes up - which is 

Go to ladies costumes. 
Oh look at what I see - panted and skirted outfits. Hmmm… so if someone didn’t want to dress “slutty” (as some people refer to it as), they could always pick one of the panted outfits surely. 
Like, let’s say this one
From Grease, or this
Flapper outfit, or this
Disney-themed outfit, or this
or this
or this

Okay. Let’s try another. I’ll click the second link that came up, okay?
Haven’t a bit of trouble with it loading, so I may have to go for the next link down - which is

Well look again. The second image is an accurate costume for Maleficent. And look down even further, Snow White’s Evil Queen - accurate once more. Hmmm…. 

But we’re talking about Men’s costumes, right? So I’ll check the Superhero section on partycity
Look at all those Superhero/SuperVillian costumes that are ACCURATE TO THE COMICS. 
Hmmmmmmmmmm…. not looking hard enough seems to be pretty likely, nonny. 

~ Tartarus 
(I know this is dripping with anger, but I’m sick of people bitching about Halloween costumes. I am making a Professor Chaos outfit. Do you know what I did for that? I made a helmet out of cardboard, stapled it together and wrapped it with Tinfoil. Then I got a green shirt and green pants. DONE. That was it. Simple as. It’s not that hard to make outfits, guys. Maybe if you stopped arguing about skimpy halloween costumes, you’d have enough time to make your own costumes.
I know it comes off as rude, but for godric’s sake. It’s not that hard to find a non-skimpy halloween costume, and it’s also not hard to make one yourself. Do you think everyone who cosplays is unemployed and has all the time in the world to do what they do? No, we don’t. I work 36+ hours a week, but I still find time to make my cosplay outfits. Do you know what? Because I want to look good. I want to dress as a character I like, and I want it to be accurate. I hand stitch all my outfits. I burn and cut and staple myself repeatedly, solely because I don’t like what is on sale - not because they are skimpy, but because they are either to expensive or not accurate enough for my obsessiveness.)  

(Me too, Tartarus. I have never had a slutty costume and my Halloween costumes are FUCKING AWESOME. It just takes a tiny bit (or alot if you’re super into Halloween like I am) of effort.)

-the Polish one

Monday, September 22, 2014
Monday, September 22, 2014
meveret asked:
Cecil grows increasingly jaded as more and more time passes with Carlos in the other desert world. To cover it up, he begins smiling alot so no one sees him struggling. Every day just smile, a cheerful voice, pretending he is fine. He finds some propaganda left by Strex in the break room. The Smiling God. Make your life Perfect. No more pain no more sadness. Give yourself to the Light. The next day he comes to work with hallow eyes sockets, bleeding down his shirt with a twisted, permanent grin.



y’all need jesus

Monday, September 22, 2014


protip: if it looks like a chain email from your mum, it probably was a chain email your mum got at some point. is a wonderful treasure and one this website would do well to discover.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Look at these dorks.
Monday, September 22, 2014
Monday, September 22, 2014
Monday, September 22, 2014
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