Monday, February 25, 2013
Welp, Nostalgia Chick is putting Wreck-It Ralph on her top 10 worst movies of the year list.





I can no longer respect her opinion on anything now. c:

I may sound like an obsessive brat that can’t let go of things. but I wanted to share this little gem I found while checking her twitter. Now remember she is supposed to be a critic. you know, the kind of people that respect other opinions while giving their own. As you can see she totally respects people’s criticism on her opinion. But anyway, she was an egotistical and awful “critic” to begin with; so these kind of things are expected from her.


Wow.  Just wow.

I used to actually respect you, Lindsey, because when I was young and stupid and was under the impression that you were entertaining.

Then I noticed that you were an elitist and spat on everyone elses’ opinion but your own.

Good bye, you suck.

nopenopenope No more NChick for me.

Honestly, even outside of the WiR fandom, I don’t see how anyone could respect her professionally after tweets like that. xD

Posted on February/25/2013
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    It’s a good movie. I enjoyed it a lot, just like I enjoyed the Nightmare Before Christmas a lot. It has an interesting...
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    i haven’t seen wreck-it ralph and don’t really plan to, but this reminds me of all the reasons why i was kind of weirded...
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    This is a wonderful point of a valid critique of Wreck-It Ralph. However, according to a tweet by Lindsay [that is...
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    nopenopenope No more NChick for me.
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    I wrote my reply to this while I was tired and cranky, and I apologize for that. But I didn’t say those things without...
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    This, this, and this. I think the reason I hold Doug Walker in such high regard is because he emphasizes the fact that...
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    I think Lindsay and I disagree on 70% of everything. I don’t hate her, but I don’t at all care for how she can’t be...
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    @______@; Jeez. Yeah, I’m not about to hate someone just because they don’t like a movie I like, but I would like to...
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    Guys….WHO CARES?! People can like what they like and dislike what they dislike. She still has good points about things...
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    cannot accept anything this woman says. She’s nuts. She...unpopular opinion to get...
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    Lol! Yeah, she does do some things that kind of piss me off occasionally too. All I can say is if one of the reason’s...
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    Ralph was just okay (it was by no means horrible,...animation was spectacular,
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    2012 a horrible year for animation? Really? …does she not remember 2011, where there were only like four good animated...
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    I haven’t watched her in a looong time. With good reason, I just don’t seem to agree with anything she says. First it...
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    Huh? Why? @_@
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    (OOC: And my respect for Lindsey Ellis has now sky-rocketed through the roof. :D)
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